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The Man Who Makes it Happen – Our DJ

Randy Hargis is our club DJ.  Randy has been a member of CCBDC since 2007 and began assisting with making the music happen soon after joining.  Randy believes in preserving the musical heritage of Corvette City and the American Bop Association while trying to keep it fresh by introducing music from yesterday and today into the mix.

Randy is a career law enforcement officer by day, but transforms into his alter-ego “DJ Oz” 

when it’s time to get the party started. His DJ life began in the late 70’s when he and a friend played music for a college sorority dance who could not afford to hire a “real DJ”. With their love for music and electronic gear, the two friends merged their massive home stereo systems to perform at their first gig. The response was so overwhelming that they were asked to perform for other parties and dances in the Hopkinsville, Kentucky area.  Disco was the craze in the late 70’s, and many traveling disco shows evolved.  From their humble start and after adding additional sound/ lighting equipment, and building their own concert style speakers and lighting systems to attain extremely high quality sound and lighting, the “Sound Unlimited” music machine was born.  Sound Unlimited became one of the highest powered and best sounding shows in the area.

Sound Unlimited was so popular that a Top 40 radio station contracted them to be the station’s sound and light show in the area. After working their day jobs, Sound Unlimited would play weeknights at local bars then on the weekends would load up and hit the road to DJ for dances at high schools, colleges, and private events.

Randy “DJ Oz” Hargis is a member of the National Association of Rhythm & Blues DeeJays. DJ Oz continues to spin the tunes for CCBDC dances and is a guest DJ for parties and conventions held by other dance clubs. DJ Oz invites you to follow the yellow brick road to CCBDC where dance dreams come true.

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